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IHCS was featured in Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare about the importance of well managed and coordinated home health care. You can access the full article here. 

Integrated Home Care Services recently released a report finding growing recognition of and interest in healthcare at home. Roughly 80% of respondents stated that they believe this increase in home care utilization is here to stay. But that confidence doesn’t carry over to preparation and performance: Only 38% said their organizations were performing “very well” when it comes to supporting the home care needs of their patients (60% said they were performing moderately well).

Christopher Bradbury, CEO of Integrated Home Care Services, puts the findings into two camps. “One, we were surprised a bit at how many plan executives are underestimating the magnitude and potential implications of the shift to home care, both the increase in utilization as well as the cost inflation that’s going on,” he says. “And second, we were surprised at the small amount of time many are spending on home care and home care strategies. We do have some really interesting market shifts and dynamics that are going on.”


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