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Integrated home infusion pharmacies are fully integrated with other IHCS services to provide comprehensive therapeutic infusion services to patients of all ages in the comfort of home. A safe and more convenient alternative to traveling to an infusion center, our home infusion services greatly reduce exposure to infections, enhancing convenience and minimizing the risk of hospitalization.

Individualized care

Our intake coordination team verifies prescription orders, insurance eligibility, and benefits to develop an individualized care plan tailored to patients' unique needs.

Comprehensive services

Throughout the course of therapy, the pharmacy ensures patients benefit from comprehensive clinical assessments, as well as monitoring and communication with providers, nurses, and other care professionals to ensure the safety and efficacy of each treatment.


Highly trusted infusion services

For decades, thousands of patients and providers have trusted Integrated Home Infusion Pharmacies to deliver safe, effective medications in the comfort of home. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Nutrition Support

To ensure proper nutrition for those who cannot consume food orally, our pharmacy provides total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Our team assesses and monitors each patient’s progress, working closely with physicians to help meet nutritional goals, avoid hospital readmission, and transition patients off therapy or to enteral nutrition support.

Specialty Infusion and Injectables

Our pharmacy provides specialty medications for chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, plaque psoriasis, and juvenile arthritis. To minimize and manage adverse drug events, our pharmacy team closely follows drug-specific protocols.

Bleeding Disorder Infusion Therapy

Our pharmacy provides pre-and post-surgery therapy and home therapy for patients of all ages with bleeding disorders, working closely with the patient’s physician, nurse, and family to ensure effective drug therapy, education, and training.

Heart Failure Therapy

Our pharmacy provides inotropic therapy (therapy that helps your heart beat forcefully) to heart failure patients in palliative care or awaiting transplant, easing symptoms of advanced disease in the comfort of home. Our pharmacy and nursing teams work closely with the physician to individualize therapy, educate the patient and family, and help patients transition to an ambulatory infusion pump when appropriate.


We provide intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin products customized to the needs of each patient — working closely with their care team to manage adverse drug reactions, infusion rates, and patient health issues.

Physician Replacement Drugs

When patients are prescribed medication to be administered in their physician’s office, our pharmacy coordinates with providers to verify patient eligibility and benefits and ensure timely delivery of medications to the practice.

IV Anti-Infectives

Our pharmacy provides comprehensive clinical services to treat serious infections for patients of all ages. We tailor the medication administration method to the needs of each person and the properties of each medication. Many anti-infective therapies take 30 to 60 minutes; when multiple doses per day are prescribed, the medication may be administered via an ambulatory infusion pump.

It is a pleasure working with IHCS. I always appreciate the care they help me with my medical supplies.

Barbara M.Patient, Florida

[The] IHCS Staff provided us excellent customer service, patiently answered all our questions, always available as well as allocating time to work us through instructions in a very simple, clear, easy to understand voice.

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