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As one of the country’s leading value-based home care benefit managers and providers of home health, home infusion and durable medical equipment, serving more than two million patients, we’re committed to unlocking the full potential of care in the home. And we’re well on our way.

In addition to expanding and kicking off new partnerships with health plans in 2023, this year we’re focusing on providing our patients, health plans and provider partners with:

  • Leading timeliness of care, whether transitioning from a hospital or other facility or just completing a physician office visit
  • Deeper home care insights and health outcomes that enable more quality days for patients at home and lower healthcare costs
  • Enhanced technology and coordination to simplify care in the home for patients, providers and health plans

Another top priority for our organization this year is increasing awareness—across patients, health plans and providers—of what is possible in the home, and what they should demand from any home care benefits manager or provider of home care services. As demand, utilization, and costs for home-care services continue to rise, it’s never been more important to leverage an integrated model like ours that enhances care quality, improves member satisfaction, and improves affordability for all. Patients, providers and health plans need a trusted ally that helps them achieve their care goals in the home. We are laser-focused on being this trusted ally.

As part of this mission, and to make it easy for health plans, providers, and patients to understand, we launched our newly designed and expanded website today. Our brand new site clearly and simply explains our approach and each of our offerings: home health services, durable medical equipment, home infusion, and more. Importantly, it serves as a user-friendly resource for patients and their loved ones.

The site also reflects how we’re evolving as an organization to meet the changing needs of our health plan and provider partners, such as through our web-based MedTrac platform, which provides extensive reporting and analytics to guide decision making and planning, provider and support staff development and coordination, claims adjudication and payment, and more.

Overall, our new website captures our dedication and accountability to our patients and partners and our ongoing commitment to finding the best ways to help people get better care at home.

Custom MedTrac Portal
Updated Colors
Refined User Experience
Overlapping circles represent how IHCS sits at the intersection of patient care and support for the plans and providers

For over 25 years, our team has relentlessly focused on our patients. We are positioned more than ever before to share our mission and value more broadly with stakeholders across the industry. With an unwavering focus on improving the quality and reach of healthcare services where and when patients need them, we know this site is an important step in advancing our unique approach. We are excited to continue delivering unparalleled, integrated home care services for individuals, caregivers, and families across the U.S.