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McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Award reflects outstanding innovation by skilled nursing, senior living, and home care providers

MIRAMAR, Florida, October 17, 2022 – Integrated Home Care Services, Inc. (IHCS), the nation’s leading independent administrator of home health, durable medical equipment (DME), and home infusion benefits, has announced that their MedTrac Home Insights and Outcomes Platform has received the silver award for the Home Care Innovator of the Year as part of the in the 2022 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards program.

The annual awards program celebrates outstanding innovation by skilled nursing, senior living, and home care providers. The Innovator of the Year category recognizes technological innovations that are improving care delivery and services.

“We developed MedTrac to better support our mission of providing the highest quality home care services to patients, providers and health plans,” said Christopher Bradbury, CEO of IHCS. “The web-based utilization management tracking system provides real-time transparency through every step of a patient’s journey, enhancing and streamlining care management and ensuring our health plan partners, patients, and our network providers  have access to accurate, up-to-date, and critical insights.

The MedTrac platform includes numerous supporting modules that enhance communication and integration across IHCS’ provider network, provide real-time access and documentation to its health plan partners, and enhance data accuracy and interoperability. MedTrac’s features include:

•  Real-time access to all patient documentation and interactions
•  EMR interoperability
•  Clinical decision support and utilization optimization tools
•  Automated turn-around time, referral, and regulatory reporting
•  Credentialing and contract management
•  Staffing, network provider scorecards, and dispatch management
•  Authorization reconciliation
•  Live communication support

With MedTrac, IHCS has been able to optimize authorization workflows, having more than 23 million home care authorizations delivered within their DME and home health services lines as of the end of March 2022.

“Our MedTrac technology is a key component of our ability to offer transparency in care. We are very proud of the difference this technology is making throughout the industry,” said Paul Pino, IHCS’ Chief Development & Analytics Officer and Co-founder. “This is yet one more example of what sets IHCS and our commitment to re-defining home care apart from others in the market.”

For more information on how integrated home care benefits payers and patients, download this recent report: The Case for Integrated Home Care, or visit


About Integrated Home Care Services, Inc.
Integrated Home Care Services (IHCS), the nation’s leading independent home care benefits administrator, offers a value-based, fully integrated home care model for managed care organizations. Our unique model improves care quality and coordination for over 2 million members, while reducing administrative costs by managing key functions such as network development, management, and credentialing, utilization management, and claims. For more information about an integrated home care model, download our position paper, or to learn more about IHCS, please visit