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IHCS Co-Founder and Chief Development and Analytics Officer, Paul Pino, recently participated on a panel at the Home Health Care News VALUE event. This conversation focused on the state of value based-care in the home health setting and the role of data.

This is an excerpt from an article in Home Health Care News based on this discussion:

Almost all home-based care providers are trying to move toward value- and risk-based care, either because they want to or have to.

In order for the home health care industry to move toward risk, it will need the right collective data to bring to the table. And in order for individual providers to move toward value, they’ll need the internal data to do so.

“A lot of what we do is looking backwards so that we can look to the future, because we can’t really move forward until we know exactly what we’re dealing with,” Jennifer Schiller, the executive director of the Research Institute for Home Care said at Home Health Care News’ VALUE event last week. “I don’t think that will surprise anybody that there’s a lack of data. But there is.”

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