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IHCS Was featured in a Home Health Care News about the importance of well managed and coordinated home health care. You can access the full piece here. 

Despite the high demand for it, home-based care isn’t always well managed or coordinated. Consequently, this can lead to increased costs and lower-quality outcomes for health plans.

As such, health plans and other stakeholders are increasingly considering what it takes to make the home a more effective site of care. Many are finding that home care benefits management is key.

At BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Integrated Home Care Services (IHCS) serves as the home care benefit administrator.

“Having a relationship with someone like Integrated Home Care Services is extremely important and valuable,” Kat Gesh-Wilson, vice president of Medicare Advantage at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, said on Thursday during a HLTH webinar. “It’s valuable because they can be the eyes and ears of the [health] plan, to understand what’s going on in the home.”

Indeed, IHCS is a driver of value-based care, through durable medical equipment, home health care and home infusion management. The company serves managed care plans and its members. Its model streamlines hospital discharges and care coordination.


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